Mumbai is considered to be the ‘commercial capital’ of India. Now, it is because this city is economically vibrant, that it possesses a large number of malls, restaurants, pubs/bars etc. However, it also comprises of what is known as a ‘bazaar’, which when translated means ‘a market place’.Now, the question to be asked is, among the many available which are some of the ‘best Bazaars in the ‘City that never Sleeps? So, in order to answer this query here is presenting to you all a list of ‘5  Top Bazaars in Mumbai’.

a. Crawford Market:

Also known as the ‘Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai’ is a popular bazaar in Mumbai known as Crawford Market. Initially named after the first municipal commissioner of the city Arthur Crawford, this market is located in close proximity to the headquarters of the Mumbai Police. It essentially sells wholesale products such as fruit, vegetable and poultry. In addition, it also sells imported products such as foods, cosmetics, household and gift items. Furthermore, products related to pets such as dogs, cats, and birds are also sold over here. It is therefore the availability of varied products which makes Crawford Market, one of the best bazaars in Mumbai.

b. Elco Market:

Readymade garments’ is what is mainly sold in a bazaar called Elco Market. Located in Bandra (Queen of Suburbs), items such as lingeries are also sold over here. However, this market is mainly renowned for casual wear. In addition, ladies footwear and accessories are products that are extremely popular over here. And so, it is the variety seen especially in female garments, footwear, and accessories sold at low cost which makes Elco Market, one of the best bazaars in Mumbai.

c. Linking Road Market:

Handbag’ is one product that the Linking Road market is famous for. Situated in Bandra, this bazaar is renowned for a variety of products such as scarves, handbags, and women footwear. Furthermore, accessory products such as belts are also sold over here. Therefore, it is the variety of items being sold at low cost over here which makes Linking Road market, one of the best bazaars in Mumbai.

d. Fashion Street:

‘Garment stalls’ is what Fashion Street a market in Mumbai is known for. Located in South Mumbai, it comprises of about ‘385’ clothing stalls. Furthermore, garments for both males and females are sold over here. Some items sold over here include dresses, jeans, skirts, accessories etc that too at low price. In fact, price of a product can be bargained for over here. It is therefore the variety of products being sold at a bargained price which makes Fashion Street, one of the best bazaars in Mumbai.

e. Chor Bazaar:

Considered to be ‘one of the largest flea market in India’ is Chor Bazaar. Located in South Mumbai, this market has over the years become a major tourist attraction. Furthermore, it is renowned for selling vintage and antique items. In addition, it is said that stolen goods are also sold out here. Thus it is the varied priceless antique items sold out here which makes Chor Bazaar, one of the best bazaars in Mumbai.

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