There are many hangout spots available in the city of Mumbai. However, there are only few that are extremely popular, which includes a promenade known as Carter Road. It is situated in Bandra, and is located in close proximity to Bandstand. Now, the question to be asked is, what exactly is Carter Road all about? So, to answer this question here is illustrating a few facts about the promenade that you need to know.

a. What is Carter Road?

1.25 km long walkway’ is the best way to define a promenade known as Carter Road. It is an extremely popular hangout spot which was officially open to the public in January 2002.

b. Where is Carter Road in Mumbai?

This Promenade is located in Bandra which is referred to as the ‘Queen of suburbs’. It is situated right alongside the Arabian Sea. Furthermore, it has also been extended to the Khar Danda area,

c. How to reach Carter Road?

The cheapest mode of transport to get to this promenade is via bus and train. The nearest railway station to this spot is in Bandra. There are number of  BEST buses that connect this walkway to many parts in the city.

d. Things to do at Carter Road:

This Promenade consists of a clean ‘Jogging’ track which can be used for a nice morning or evening jog or run. It also consists of a ‘lover’s point which is perfect for ‘lovey dovey’ couples. Additionally, there are number of decent eateries such as Cafe Coffee Day located around this promenade that serve as great hangout spots.

e. The hotels and restaurants found around Carter Road:

There are a number of hotels and restaurants available around this promenade. To know more about hotels please click this Google link map. To know more about restaurants please click this Google link map.

If you intend to spend a great evening with either your friends or family then, Carter Road is a promenade that must be visited.

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