‘Biryani’ is a popular delicacy served at a restaurant called Baghdadi in Mumbai.  Situated just behind the Taj Mahal Hotel, this eatery provides for some delicious Mughlai/North Indian cuisine. In addition, Chinese cuisine is also served at this popular South Mumbai outlet.

a. About Baghdadi:

It has been 125 years since Baghdadi was first established in Mumbai. Furthermore, according to its owner Shafiq Ahmed this eatery was started by his grandfather Bade Miyan Sukkha during the early 60’s. He also stated that he has kept the menu of this restaurant the same since the time of its inception. In addition, he also states that delicacies such as chicken gravy and sweet rotis are extremely popular.

b. The ‘food and drinks’ served and the ‘ambiance’ surrounding Baghdadi:

A typical ‘Mughlai’ cuisine is basically served in Baghdadi. Some popular delicacies include chicken biryani, butter chicken, mutton korma, beef fry, caramel custard, and caramel pudding. In terms of beverages, alcohol is not served over here. Furthermore, this eatery possesses what can best be described as a “plain and simple” ambiance.

c. The ‘cost’ of food and beverage at the Baghdadi:

‘Inexpensive’ would be the best way to describe average cost of food at this eatery. With the price of meal for two being Rs 400 over here.

It is therefore a fusion of high quality economical Mughlai cuisine and simplistic ambiance which makes Baghdadi, a vintage eatery in Mumbai worth visiting.

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