In the city of Mumbai bustling with ‘commercial activities’ there exists a number of popular markets. One among the many famous is a marketplace known as Bhendi Bazar. Situated in South Mumbai, this market is extremely popular. Now, those who are not acquainted with the city would want to ask as to what makes this bazaar so special? And so, to answer this question, here is presenting to you a few facts about this bazaar that must be known.

a. What is Bhendi Bazaar?

‘Busy’ would be the best word to describe this marketplace. It is situated in the southern part of Mumbai city. Furthermore, in close proximity to this bazaar lies markets such as Crawford, Chor, and Nul Bazar. In addition, this market area is essentially Muslim dominated.

b. Where is Bhendi Bazaar located?

This popular market is located towards the south of the Crawford market near the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). The nearest railway station on the central/harbour line is Sandhurst Road, and on the western line it is Grant Road and Charni Road. To find this market please click this Google Map.

 c. How did the term Bhendi Bazaar get coined? 

Apparently, the British used to commonly refer to this marketplace located in  close proximity to the Crawford market as ‘behind the bazaar’, however the natives mistook this term for ‘Bhendi Bazaar’. And hence, this area got this name.

d. What is Bhendi Bazaar known for?

This popular bazaar is essentially renowned for selling various products. Some of the items that are regularly sold includes antique as well as hardware items.

e. What are the ‘Timings’ of Bhendi Bazaar?

‘Monday to Sunday’ from 11 am to 07.30 pm is when this famous South Mumbai bazaar is operational. While, it is on a Friday that this market is completely shut. If therefore, you want to buy items such as hardware or antique goods that too at a low cost then, Bhendi Bazaar is one marketplace in Mumbai that must be visited.

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