‘Warm’ is the best way to describe atmosphere which surrounds an eatery in Mumbai known as Cafe Mocambo. Located in the Fort area, this restaurant is popular for serving up quality continental cuisine. Furthermore, it is also to known to be a ‘haven’ for meat loving public.

a. About Cafe Mocambo:

‘Italian’ is one style of cuisine Cafe Mocambo is renowned for. Furthermore, among Italian delicacies it is the ‘pizza’ that is extremely popular at this eatery.

b. The ‘food and drinks’ served and ‘ambiance’ surrounding the Mocambo Cafe:

It is a mixture of Italian and continental cuisine that is served at Cafe Mocambo. Some extremely popular consumed at this restaurants  include Pork Chops, Keema Pav, Pizza, Pasta, Mutton Cutlets, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Shepards Pie.  In terms of beverages ‘Mocktails’ are extremely popular. Adding a real ‘old world charm’ to this eatery is the cozy ambiance which surrounds it.

c. The ‘cost’ of food and beverage at the Mocambo Cafe:

The cost for a meal for two at the Mocambo Cafe is approximately about Rs 1400.

It is therefore the presence of a vintage aura and the excellent continental food served which makes Cafe Mocambo, an eatery that deserves to be visited.

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