‘Iconic’ would be the best way to describe a vintage restaurant in Mumbai known as Cafe Mondgear. It is located in southern part in the ‘City of Dreams’, and is also referred to as ‘Mondy’s’. Furthermore, it was also the first eatery in Mumbai to have introduced a ‘jukebox’. In addition, cartoons created by renowned painter Mario Miranda imprinted on all the inner walls and ceiling of the entrance of this classic food outlet is extremely popular.

a. About Cafe Mondgear and the ‘Zoroastrian’ Community connection:

‘1932’ was the year when Cafe Mondgear was first established in Mumbai. It was initially founded by a ‘Zoroastrian’ family mainly as an ‘Irani Cafe’. This regal looking cafe was first set up within the reception area of a hotel called ‘Apollo’. It was in the middle of the 20th century that, a ‘jukebox’ was first introduced at this eatery as well as in the city. In addition, it was also during this period that it was converted from an Irani cafe to a proper restaurant. Eventually, it was in the 1990’s that famous painter Mario Miranda’s cartoons were plastered on the walls and ceilings of this eatery.

b. The ‘food and drinks’ served and ‘ambiance’ surrounding the Mondgear Cafe:

‘Italian, Chinese, and Continental’ are the cuisines that are mainly served at Cafe Mondgear. The menu includes sections on Tandoor, Chinese, Main course, continental, and lite refreshments. In terms of alcoholic beverages, it is wine (i.e. red and white) and beer that is mainly served. Hot beverages such as tea and coffee, and soft drinks such as Pepsi, 7 UP, Miranda etc are also available. Some recommended delicacies at this eatery include Sangria, Chaat, Pasta, Keema Pav, Watermelon Juice, Pancakes, Vegetable Grilled Sandwich, Classic Bolognaise. Adding charm to this vintage eatery is the fascinating ‘mural’ filled décor of this restaurant. Apparently, this cartoon depicting murals was created by artist Mario Miranda in the 1990’s. This task was commissioned by the owner of this eatery Rusi Yazdegardi.

c. The ‘cost’ of food and beverage at the Mondgear Cafe:

The average cost of food at Cafe Mondgear for a meal for two is about Rs 1300. While a pint of beer cost about Rs 220 and a pint of wine cost ranges from about Rs 750 to Rs 950.

It is then the fascinating mural filled interior combined with high quality multi cuisine delicacies served which makes Cafe Mondgear, an eatery in Mumbai worth visiting frequently.

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