In the city of Mumbai which ‘Never Sleeps’ there are number of places which can be classified as ideal tourist spots, one among them being Chhota Kashmir. Situated in the western suburban region of this city, this area is renowned for its scenic beauty, hence the name. So, now for all those of you who do not live in this city or who live but are unaware about this spot, here is presenting a few basic facts about this beautiful area that must be known.

a. What is Chhota Kashmir?

‘A garden’ would be the best way to describe this picturesque locality situated in a western suburb in ‘Maximum City’. In addition, it is surrounded by a beautiful lake.

b. Where is Chhota Kashmir located?

This picturesque garden area is situated in Goregaon (East), a western suburban region in Mumbai. It is located within the premises of the renowned tourist spot ‘Aarey Milk Colony’. The nearest railway station is located in the Goregaon suburb itself. To find this splendid area please click this Google Map link.

c. What is Chhota Kashmir famous for?

A beautiful lake’ is what this picturesque tourist spot is known for. And hence boat ride services are provided out here, which are very popular with tourists. This service is provided by ‘Chhota Kashmir, The Boating Club’. To find this club please clic this Google link Map.  In addition, this spot is known for its ‘evergreen’ environment and variety of birds such as cuckoo, sunbird, parrots etc. Thereby, making it an ideal spot for ‘birdwatching’.

d. The ‘Timings’ and ‘Entry Fee’ of Chhota Kashmir:

This wonderful site is open on all ‘7 days’ of the week i.e. Monday to Sunday from in between 10 am to 6 pm. The entry fee for boating at the lake surrounding this spot is Rs 20 per person for 30 minutes.

e. The ‘Restaurants’ available around Chhota Kashmir:

There are a number of restaurants located around this beautiful area. To find out more about them please click this Google link Map.

And so, if you either want to enjoy a wonderful boat ride in an ‘evergreen’ environment or want to ‘bird watch’ then, Chhota Kashmir is a spot in Mumbai truly worth visiting.

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