Named after Robert Grant, the governor of Mumbai from 1835 to 1839, is a South Mumbai locality known as Grant Road. In close proximity, to this locality lie the neighborhoods of Mumbai Central and Tardeo. Furthermore, it is an area that is dominated by the Jain, Muslim, Parsi, and Irani Zoroastrian community. In addition, this neighborhood is also known for the ‘infamous’ Kamathipura area, the red light area of Mumbai.

a. Essential Facts of Grant Road:

Historically speaking, it was in this locality that the Zoroastrian community first settled themselves when the arrived in the city of Mumbai from Persia. It was mainly in the Balaram Street and Sleather Road that this community resided. It is also in this locality that a popular Parsi wedding and party destination, known as ‘Cama Baug’ is located.

b. Railway Stations available at Grant Road:

The closest railway station is the Grant Road station located on the Western Railway. It is the fourth station on the line connecting Churchgate to Dahanu Road in the North.

c. Popular Places located in Grant Road:

There are few places that are popular in Grant Road, and they are as follows:

  1. Minerva Cinema:

Is an iconic movie cinema hall of Mumbai which is located in this area. Having exhibited many great Hindi movies such as Sholay over the years, this movie theater is no more functional. However, it still remains a landmark not only for this area but the city as well.

  1. Tower of Silence:

Is the burial ground of the Parsi community which is located in this area. In this form of cemetery, the dead body is exposed to be eaten by scavenging birds such as vultures.

  1. Lamington Road:

Is a popular market located in this area. It is particularly known for ‘electronic goods’ and, items are sold at a cost less than its market value.

  1. Gowalia Tank:

 Is a historic site situated in this locality. It was at this spot that the ‘Quit India Movement’ in the year 1942 was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi.

d. The pin code of Grant Road:

400007’ is the pin code of Grant Road.

e. The restaurants, pubs/bars, and hotels around Grant Road:

There are a number of restaurants, pubs/bars, and hotels found around Grant Road. To find restaurants available please click this Google Map link. To find pubs/bars available please click this Google Map link. To find hotels available  please click this Google Map link.

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