Powai, a real estate hub in Mumbai

‘Greenery’ is what I observed as soon as I alighted a rickshaw at the famous Powai area. What also struck me was the beauty of the lake surrounding this so called ‘upmarket’ (as mentioned in wikipedia) area in the city of Mumbai. Now, a question that might pop up in your mind is, what exactly makes this posh area special? And so, to answer this question here is presenting a few ‘to know’ essential facts about this affluent ‘neighborhood’ in Mumbai.

a. Where is Powai located?

In the ‘North-East region’ is where this posh locality is situated in Mumbai. Furthermore, it is a part of the Kurla tehsil. It falls under the ‘S-ward’, considered to be the ‘largest’ in the city, and is located alongside a lake named ‘Powai’.

b. What does the locality Powai comprise of?

It is an area in Mumbai known for its ‘picturesque evergreen beauty’ and comprises of a few landscaped gardens consisting of ‘viewing’ platforms, children’s play area, and synchronized fountain display. It also comprises of a magnificent township known as ‘Hiranandani Gardens’.

c. How did the term Powai get coined?

Pouma which means ‘Padma’ in Sanskrit’ is the word from which Powai has been derived. Now, according to the ‘Archaeological Survey of India, this word was coined because a Hindu shrine known as the ‘Padmavati Devi Temple’ is situated on the bank of Powai Lake inside the IIT Bombay premise.

d. Powai, how to reach? 

‘Train’ is the cheapest  and most convenient form of transport to get to this locality. Now, in order to reach this area are one needs to use the ‘Mumbai Metro Monorail Service’. Starting at Andheri one needs to catch a train heading towards Ghatkopar, and alight at the Saki Naka station. From this station, one needs to then hire a rickshaw to get to this area. A rickshaw ride from Saki Naka to the Powai lake costs about Rs 40.

e. What are the landscaped gardens located in Powai?

There are few gardens available in this locality. They, are as follows:

  1. Nature Park:

Located alongside the ‘Powai Lake’, this park provides for a magnificent view of the surrounding lake. It is surrounded by a beautiful green environment, and is ideally suited for avid joggers/walkers as well as ‘lovey-dovey’ couples. In addition, a water fountain show is on display at this park daily in the evening after 7.30 pm. The timings for this BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) managed park on whole days is, 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM.

  1. Powai Talao Park: 

Situated just besides the ‘Powai Lake’, is the Powai Talao Park. It basically comprises of a ‘Children Play Area’ which comprises of a slide and a swing. Furthermore, this park provides for the magnificent view of the surroundings, and is ideal for couples in love.

  1. Nirvana Park:

In close proximity to Powai Plaza, is a BMC managed park known as Nirvana. It comprises of a ‘Children Play Area’. In addition, since it is located in a ‘secluded’ spot it is also an ideal spot for couples in love. This park is open from Monday to Sunday from 6:30 AM – 11.00AM and 1 PM- 8 PM.

f. What is the Hiranandani Gardens in Powai?

An upmarket township’ is the best way to define this popular area in Powai. It mainly comprises of magnificently built high rise buildings, penthouses, bungalows, and commercial complexes. Furthermore, this township was constructed by the Hiranandani Group. In addition, It comprises of several landmarks such as Supreme Business Park, Galleria shopping complex, Scorpio House, Central Avenue, CRISIL House, Hiranandani Hospital, Hiranandani Knowledge Park, and the Hiranandani Foundation School.

 g. The restaurants, hotels, and pubs/bars located in and around Powai:

There are a number of restaurants, hotels, and pubs/bars in and around Powai especially in Hiranandani Gardens area. To find Restaurants in Powai please click this Google Map link.  To find Hotels in Powai please click this Google Map link.  To find pubs/bars In Powai please click this Google Map link.

It is therefore a combination of a beautiful evergreen environment and the architectural brilliance of the Hiranandani Gardens, which makes Powai a must visit spot in the ‘City That Never Sleeps’.

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