In the city of Mumbai, it is a suburb known as Bandra that is renowned for exuding a vibrant vibe. The “vibrancy” that this suburb possesses is simply due to fact that it comprises of a number of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bars, and many other places to visit. One such place worth visiting in Bandra, is Joggers Park situated on Carter Road. Comprising of a jogging track this park is extremely popular, and is regularly visited by a large number of people. And so, here is presenting a few reasons as to why Joggers Park is extremely popular.

a. The “Green” environment at the Jogger’s Park:

As soon as one enters this park you are surrounded by a fresh and “green” environment which is extremely refreshing. It is this kind of surrounding that provides for an ideal spot for jogging, exercising, or doing Yoga. Furthermore, the fact that there are number chairs provided in this park is also what makes it an ideal spot to spend some quality time in an environment filled with greenery.

b. The presence of a “Jogging track” at Jogger’s Park:

The “jogging track” present at this park is made up tiles, mud, and concrete thereby providing for an ideal surface on which jogging can be carried out. There are three tracks namely a 400 meter track with five lanes for jogging as well as 360 and 420 meters for running and walking. Furthermore, surrounding this track are manicured lawns that provide for a lot of greenery. In addition, this park also comprises of pond that consists of fishes, ducks, and geese. The presence of this pond is also one reason that attracts a lot of people into this park.

c. The presence of “Children’s play area” at Jogger’s Park:

A special play area for children that includes facilities such as slides, monkey bars, swings, rope climbing towers etc serve as an added attraction at this park. Overall, this section provides for perfect entertainment for children.

d. The “magnificent” sunset views at Jogger’s Park:

Since this park basically faces the seaside it provides for some magnificent view of the “setting sun”. Furthermore, seats available at this park can be used to thoroughly enjoy the magic of sunset. In addition, since the sea is also located in close proximity the calming sound of the waves can also be heard and enjoyed.

Having visited many parks in the city of Mumbai, I can definitely say that if you intend to enjoy a clean green environment in presence of cool breeze while jogging then “Joggers Park” is a must visit.

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