‘Khandolee’ is how Kandivali, a popular western Mumbai suburb was earlier referred to as. It is located at the northern end of the ‘City That Never Sleeps’. Apparently, a few historical artifacts found over here indicates that this area has been inhabited since the ‘Stone Age Period’. Furthermore, the local railway station of this suburb lies on the ‘Western’ line, and is the 20th station from Churchgate, the southern end of the city.

a. Essential Facts about Kandivali:

It was during the early 1900’s, when the city of Mumbai was affected by plague, that the Fonesca’s (An East Indian community) migrated from Bandra and settled at this suburb, first in the Akurli area and then at Poisar. Furthermore, the Kandivali Railway Station was first constructed over 100 years ago in 1907. In addition, the Bombay Backbay area was quarried using stones acquired from Paran, a hillock area located in this suburb. The ‘Poisar Bus Depot’ considered to be one of the ‘oldest’ in the city is located in this suburb.

b. Railway Stations available at Kandivali:

The closest local railway station located in close proximity to this suburb is in Kandivali itself. This station lies on the ‘Western’ line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway.

c. Popular Places located in Kandivali:

There are a number of popular spots situated around this suburb. They are as follows:

  1. Lokhandwala Township:

Is popular residential complex located in this suburb developed in the last 20 years or so. Apart from apartments, this complex also includes a number of  schools, banks, grocery stores, chemist and restaurants. In addition, the unique feature of this township is the natural walking track situated just behind the Lokhandwala Foundation  School.

  1. The Sports Authority of India Ground:

Is a  huge sporting complex located in this suburb. It serves as a training ground for local football teams such as Mahindra United, FC Greens and F United.

  1. Thakur Village:

Is yet another residential township located in this suburb. It is located on the eastern side of this suburb along the Western Express Highway. It comprises of a mixture of, high rises, low rises, and single buildings.

  1. The Church of Our Lady of Assumption:

Considered to be one of the ‘oldest’ church is located in this suburb on MG Road. It was built way back in 1630.

  1. Raghuleela Megamall and Growell’s 101:

Are two extremely popular malls located in this suburb. They basically serve as ideal hangout spots, and comprise of variety of fashion outlets, a food court, and cinema hall.

d. What is the pin code of Kandivali (East) and Kandivali (West)?

‘400101 and 400067’ are the pin codes of East and West Kandivali respectively.

e. The restaurants, hotels and bar/pubs available in Andheri?

There are number of restaurants, bar/pubs and hotels available in Andheri. To find out about the restaurants available please click the Google Map link. To find out about the hotels available please click the Google Map link. To find out about the bar/pubs available please click the Google Map link.

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