Located towards the north of Bandra, referred to as ‘Queen of Suburbs’, is a yet another popular western Mumbai suburb known as Khar. It is popular for a number of schools, restaurants, and shopping centres. Furthermore, it is also known for an area known as ‘Danda’, which belongs to the ‘native’ fishermen community i.e. Kolis. In addition, an area known as ‘Pali Naka’ is also popular in this suburb for being home to Bollywood stars such as Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor.

a. Essential Facts about Khar:

It is from the Marathi (local language of Mumbai) word ‘Khara’, which means ‘salty’ when translated, that this suburb acquired its name. During the early days before development began, this suburb was just a marshland formed from salty water. Furthermore, it was a Maharashtrian community known ‘Pathare Prabhu’, who were the original inhabitants of this suburb. A family belonging to this wealthy community usually possessed a bungalow in this area, which they used as a weekend getaway. However, they generally lived in the affluent South Mumbai area.

b. Railway Stations available at Khar:

The Khar Road station is the nearest local station located in close proximity to this station. It lies on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. For outstation trains, the railway station situated in close proximity to this suburb is the ‘Bandra Terminus.

c. Popular Places located in Khar:

There are number of worthy and popular spots located around this suburb. They are as follows:

  1. Khar Danda:

‘A fishing village’ is what this area essentially is. Historically speaking, the original inhabitants of Mumbai i.e. Kolis having been living over here for centuries now. Furthermore, a festival known as ‘Varin Pada Holi’ is celebrated with great fanfare over here.

  1. Pali Naka:

Is an area in this suburb known to be ‘home’ to popular Bollywood stars such as Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt etc. It is also renowned for a number of restaurants and pub’s such as ‘Toto’s Garage’.

d. What is the pin code of Khar (East) and Khar (West)?

‘400051 and 400052’ are the pin codes of East and West Khar respectively.

e. The restaurants, hotels and bar/pubs available in Andheri?

There are number of restaurants, bar/pubs and hotels available in Andheri. To find out about the restaurants available please click the Google Map link. To find out about the hotels available please click the Google Map link. To find out about the bar/pubs available please click the Google Map link. 

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