Providing quality pure vegetarian South Indian cuisine is an eatery in Mumbai called Mani’s Lunch Home. It is located in Matunga East, and was established in the year 1937 by VS Mani Iyer.  Furthermore, this restaurant is popular for serving up delicious South Indian delicacies such as idli and vadas.

a. About Mani’s Lunch Home:

This restaurant named Mani’s Lunch Home is extremely old and was founded about 81 years ago. It was initiated by a man called ‘Mani’, a Tamil Brahmin hailing from Palakkad a small town in Kerala. It was in 1978 that the founder sadly passed away. So, as of today this eatery is being managed by Mani’s three sons Sri. KS Narayanaswamy, S. Venkatesh, & S. Raman. This restaurant has opened outlets in Dharavi and Chembur.

b. The ‘food and drinks’ served and ‘ambiance’ surrounding Mani’s Lunch Home:

Mouth watering’ would be the best way to described the delicacies served at Mani’s Lunch Home. The menu basically includes all major South Indian delicacies such as idli, dosa, and medu vada. Some popular delicacies include Upma, Medu Vada, Masala Dosa, and Idli Vada. With regards to beverages, it is tea and filtered coffee that is extremely popular over here. The ambiance surrounding this ‘eatery’ is extremely simple and is ideally suited for a family.

c. The ‘cost’ of food and beverage at Mani’s Lunch Home:

The cost of meal for two at Mani’s Lunch Home is Rs 200, which is extremely economical. A beverage like coffee is also reasonably priced at Rs 30.

It is then a combination of a simplistic ambiance, and delightful pure vegetarian South Indian delicacy served which makes Mani’s Lunch Home, a truly awesome Mumbai eatery to visit.

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