‘Edutainment’ (i.e. a fusion of entertainment and education) was the primary reason for the setting up of the Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai. The basic intention of this planetarium was, to encourage interest in ‘Astronomy’ particularly in children. Now, those of you who are parents (especially those living in this city) might wonder as to, what makes visiting this planetarium a worthwhile visit for my child? And so, to answer this question here is presenting to you with all things (facts) pertaining this planetarium that you need to know.

a. What Is Nehru Planetarium?

An Astronomy Centre’ would be the best way to describe this wonderful planetarium located in the ‘City That Never Sleeps’. It was essentially to encourage the development of  ‘scientific thinking’ in children that this planetarium was set up. Over the years though it has developed into a centre of ‘Astronomy Studies’, where scientists and scholars from around the country get together for discussions and lectures.

  1. When was the Nehru Planetarium established, and where is it located?

‘3rd March 1977’ was when this planetarium was first established in Mumbai. It is in a posh locality in the city known as ‘Worli’ that it is situated in. Furthermore, to be more specific it is on the ‘Dr. Annie Besant Road near Lotus Colony that this planetarium is located. To find where this planetarium is located please click this Google Map Link. The nearest station on the western line is in Mahalakshmi and on the central/harbour line is Byculla.

3. What does Nehru Planetarium comprise of?

Astronomy Programs’ is what the planetarium offers the most. They include the following: Science quiz contests, Astro-Painting, Science elocution, Astro-Poetry, and Astro-Quiz competitions. Furthermore, the appropriate instruments to view solar and lunar eclipses are provided out here.  In addition, this planetarium provides for some ‘Sky Shows’. In fact, the first show performed over here was titled ‘Tryst and Destiny’, which involved the highlighting of stars and constellations in the sky. It was performed on 14th August 1947. Ever since the first, these sky shows have be continued to be performed at this planetarium, and have gained popularity.These days, ‘The Wonders of the Universe‘ and ‘Invaders of Mars‘ the two shows being exhibited. The show timings are as follows: 12:00 noon and 4:30 pm (Hindi), 1:30 pm (Marathi), 3:00 pm (English).

4. The ‘Timings’ and the ‘Entry Fee’ of the Nehru Planetarium?

It is open on ‘6 days’ a week from Tuesday to Sunday in between 11 am to 5 pm. Monday is the only day it is closed. The entry fee for all individuals above the age of 4 is Rs 100.

5. What are the ‘Restaurants’ available around the Nehru Planetarium?

There are several restaurants available around this planetarium. To find out more about them please click this Google link Map.

And so, if you are an ‘Astronomy’ freak and intend to have some ‘Fun With The Stars’, then Nehru Planetarium is a spot you need to visit.

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