Established to pay a rich ‘Ode to Calcutta culture’ is an eatery in Mumbai known as Oh! Calcutta. Founded by the Specialty Restaurants Ltd, this food outlet is available at Andheri, Khar, and Tardeo. It is renowned for serving cuisine originating from the East Coast of India.

a. About Oh! Calcutta:

‘Bengali delicacies’ is what a food outlet in Mumbai known as Oh! Calcutta provides for. It mainly specializes in ‘seafood’ cooked using typical Bengali style. Alcoholic beverages as well as home delivery services are provided at this eatery. This restaurant is also considered one among few available in the ‘City of Dreams’ that provide customers with the authentic ‘Taste of Bengal’.

b. The ‘food and drinks’ served and ‘ambiance’ surrounding Oh!Calcutta:

‘East Indian food’ is the specialty of this restaurant called Oh! Calcutta. The menu at this eatery include items such as vegetarian starters, non vegetarian starters, prawn, chicken, and crab. Some popular delicacies at this eatery include Mustard Fish, Luchi, Kosha Mangsho, Sea Food, Tender, and Malpua, Biryani. In terms of beverages, alcoholic drinks such as whiskey and beer are served over here. The ambiance can best be described as ‘cool’, and is perfectly suited for a family meal.

c. The ‘cost’ of food and beverage at Oh! Calcutta:

  The average cost of a meal for two at Oh! Calcutta is about Rs 1200. In terms of alcoholic beverages, a pint of beer costs about Rs 190 while, 30 ml of whiskey is priced at a minimum of Rs 290 and a maximum of Rs 575.

It is then a fusion of a ‘pleasant’ ambiance and delicious cuisine of the ‘City of Joy’ served which makes, Oh! Calcutta a worth visit eatery in Mumbai.

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