‘Similar to a typical Punjabi roadside restaurant’ would be the best way to describe the decor of an eatery in Mumbai known as Pritam Da Dhaba. It is located in the Dadar area, and is known for its delicious North Indian cuisine. It is also known for its ‘Lassi’ (buttermilk product) and mouthwatering ‘kebabs’.

a. About Pritam Da Dhaba:

Comprising of a ‘rustic’ interior, Pritam Da Dhaba is situated in South Mumbai. It provides for delicious Punjabi and Mughlai cuisine. Furthermore, a ‘charpoy or manji’ found in a typical dhaba in Punjab is also provided over here. In addition, an outlet has also been opened at the Kohinoor mall in Kurla, which is under renovation.

b. The ‘food and drinks’ served and ‘ambiance’ surrounding Pritam Da Dhaba:

‘Dinning beneath the stars’ is what Pritam Da Dhaba provides for. The menu basically comprises of items such as starters/appetizers, soups, and delightful tandoori delicacies. Some popular dishes at this eatery include Mutton Biryani, Murgh Makhani, Malai Kulfi, Paneer Tikka, Guava Mocktail, Butter Naan, Tandoori Chicken, and Kalmi Kebab. In terms of beverages, a chilled glass of ‘lassi’ is extremely popular over here. The unique ‘rustic’ Punjabi ambiance provides the customer with a relaxed atmosphere.

c. The ‘cost’ of food and beverage at Pritam Da Dhaba:

The average cost of a meal for two at the Pritam Da Dhaba is about Rs 1200.

It is therefore, the unique experience of eating some delicious Mughlai/Punjab food in a ‘Dhaba’ like atmosphere underneath the ever shining stars in the sky which makes Pritam Da Dhaba, an eatery in Mumbai worth visiting.

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