In Mumbai ‘The City of Dreams’, there exist people belonging to varied religion, caste, creed etc. It is due to this cosmopolitan nature that there are quite a few renowned pilgrimage sites available in this city. One among them being the magnificent, Siddhivinayak Temple. Now, for those of you new to the city the question which will pop up in your mind is, why is this Hindu shrine so revered? And so, to answer this question here is presenting you key facts about this temple dedicated to Lord Ganapati.

a. Where is Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai located?

‘Lord Ganesh’ (i.e. Elephant God) is the Hindu deity worshipped in this beautiful and popular temple. It is situated in a locality known as ‘Prabhadevi’ in South Mumbai.

b. Who built the Siddhivinayak Temple?

‘19th November 1801’ was when this popular Hindu shrine was first constructed by a contractor named Laxman Vithu. Apparently, a woman named Deubai Patil belonging to the Agri community was childless. And so, it was with hope that Lord Ganesh would help other childless women conceive if he was pleased, that she funded the construction of this shrine and dedicated it to him.

c. How to reach the Siddhivinayak Temple?

Bus and trains are the cheapest mode of transports to get to this popular Hindu shrine. The nearest local railway station is in Dadar which connects to the Central as well as Western line. In addition, a number of outstation train services are also available from this station. With regards to bus as a mode of transportation, there a number BEST buses available that connect this shrine to a few major areas in the city.

d. What time does the Siddhivinayak Temple open and close?

The timings followed at this temple are as follows:

Wednesday to Monday – 5:30 AM to 9:50 PM

Tuesdays – 3:15 AM to 00:30 AM (Next Day).

e. What are the hotels and restaurants available around the Siddhivinayak Temple?

There are a number of hotels and restaurants available around this shrine. To know more about hotels please click this Google link map. To know more about restaurants please click this Google link map.

And so, if you are spiritually inclined and are an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesh then, Siddhivinayak Temple is a shrine in Mumbai that must be visited.

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