In the city of Mumbai, there are several spots available that are ideally suited for a picnic. One such popular spot is known as ‘Hanging Gardens’. Also known as the ‘Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens’, it is situated in the posh locality called ‘Malabar Hill’ in the southern part of the city. Now, the question that you should ask is, What makes this garden such a popular picnic spot? And so, to answer this question here is presenting a few facts about this beautiful garden that you need to know.

a. What is Hanging Gardens?

‘Terraced’ would be the best way to describe this garden located in South Mumbai. It is known for a number of beautifully manicured hedges shaped in the form of various animals. It also consists of a well maintained pathways ideally suited for activities such as jogging and strolling. Furthermore, water fountain shows held over here in the evening adds to its overall charm. It also comprises of an activity area for children which includes basic amenities such as swing, slide, see-saw etc. In addition, it also provides the bird’s eye view of the surrounding Marine Drive and Chowpatty area, as well the magnificent view of the setting sun.

b. Who built Hanging Gardens, and where is it located?

It was in the year 1881 that this garden was built by a man named Ulhas Ghapokar, over the main water reservoir of Mumbai. Apparently, this was done to protect the reservoir from the waste emitted from the ‘Tower of Silence’ the cemetery of the Parsi community located in close proximity. Furthermore, it is situated in the Malabar Hill area on Ridge Road in Shimla Nagar. If you intend to find this place please click this Google Map Link. In addition, the Grant Road as well as Charni Road stations are located in close proximity to the garden.

c. The ‘Timings’ and the ‘Entry Fee’ Of Hanging Gardens:

There is no entry fee charged at this garden. It is opened to the public from Monday To Sunday from 5 am to 9 pm. If therefore, you intend to enjoy an evergreen environment along with the magnificent bird’s eye view of Marine Drive, then Hanging Gardens is one picnic spot in Mumbai truly worth visiting.

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