A 3.6 km long boulevard’ is the best way to describe a popular spot in Mumbai known as Marine Drive. This road was constructed by Bhagojisheth Keer and Pallonji Mistry. Furthermore, it essentially is a 6 lane concrete road shaped in the form of a ‘C’. Now, one question that should arise in your mind is, what exactly is this magnificent boulevard all about? So, to answer this question here is presenting a few things about this beautiful road in Mumbai that is often referred to as ‘Queen’s necklace’.

a. What is Marine Drive?

‘Queen’ necklace’ is the sobriquet given to this boulevard. It is essentially been made using concrete, with the Arabian Sea running along by its side. Furthermore, this ‘large road’ helps connect Nariman Point to Babulnath and Malabar Hill region. In addition, lying parallel to this road is a promenade.

b. How did Marine Drive developed? 

It was between 1914 and 1918 that the Bombay Port Trust initiated a major reclamation project, which also involved the construction of a dry dock. It was during this project that Ballard Pier (created from 22 acres of excavated land) as well as this boulevard which later was referred to as  ‘Queen’s necklace’ was first created.

c. Why is Marine Drive known as ‘Queen’s necklace’?

It is because this road when viewed from an elevated position at night looks exactly like a ‘beautiful pearl necklace’, that it is commonly referred to as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’.

d. How to reach Marine Drive?

This spot is very well connected to local train and bus services. The nearest railway station to this ‘boulevard’ is in Marine Drive itself. For those using the harbour line the closest station is CST i.e. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. In terms of bus, a number of them provided by BEST connects this popular spot to major parts of the city of Mumbai.

e. What to do at Marine Drive?

Beautiful sunsets’ can be truly enjoyed at this spot. In addition, the magnificent sight of green palm trees lined alongside the promenade can also be enjoyed. Furthermore, located at northern end of this spot is the Chowpatty Beach, famous for ‘Bhel Puri’ (local snack) is worth visiting. In addition, since the promenade over here is large and clean, physical activities such as running, jogging etc can also be undertaken.

f. What restaurants are available around Marine Drive?

There are a number of restaurants available around this boulevard. To know more please click this Google Map link.

It is therefore the beautiful ambiance that surrounds Marine Drive, which makes it one spot in Mumbai truly worth visiting.

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