Mumbai is a city that over the years has welcomed immigrants from across India with open arms. So, it was during the late 19th and early 20th century that the city witnessed the arrival of a large number of people from Iran. It was also during this period that opportunities to start one’s own business had opened up within the city. And so, it was the migrants from Iran who during this stage in Mumbai history set up restaurants which came to be known as “Irani Cafés”. Now, over the years the number of such cafés has unfortunately dwindled. However, there are still quite a few of them that exist in the city today. So, here is presenting you a list of the top “5 Irani Restaurants” in Mumbai today.

a. Kayani and Co:

Located exactly opposite the famous Metro Theater is an extremely popular Irani restaurant known as Kayani and Co. This café was established in 1904, and has served four generations of the city of Mumbai. It is renowned for delicacies such as Kheema (mutton mince) Pav, salli boti, Farcha, Berry Pulao, special chicken burger etc. In addition, bakery items such as pudding, cherry custard, biscuits, cream puffs etc are also extremely popular with the customers. Furthermore, in terms of drinks the chai (tea) served over here (similar to other cafés) is also very famous.

b. Britannia and Company:

Established in the year 1923 and located in Ballard Estate in the city of Mumbai is an Irani restaurant known as Britannia and Company. A delicacy known as “Mutton Berry Pulao” is extremely popular in this café. Furthermore, delicacies such as Veg Dhansak, Chicken Berry Pulao etc are also quite renowned over here. In terms of dessert, it is Caramel Custard that is frequently consumed by customers. In addition, drinks such as Raspberry Soda and Lemonade are items that are highly recommended. Overall, it is the tagline of this restaurant that states “There is no love greater than the love of eating” which best represents its ethos.

c. Yazdani Bakery and Restaurant:

Located in the Fort area in Mumbai, and built by baker Meherwan Zend is an Irani restaurant known as Yazdani Bakery and Restaurant. This café is renowned for a number of delicacies such as bun maska, apple pie, vegetable puff etc. Furthermore, it is also popular for bakery products such as mawa cake.  In terms of drink, Irani chai (tea) is quite famous and is consumed frequently by customers. Above all, this restaurant is known mainly for its handmade aromatic bread.

d. Café Military:

In close proximity to Kala Ghoda lies an Irani restaurant known as Café Military. It is mainly known for delicacies such as Kheema (mutton mince), Boti, Dhansak, Puffs and Caramelized Rice. Furthermore, this restaurant comprises of wooden cabinets, furniture, lights and exudes an “old world charm” vibe. In addition, this restaurant mainly attracts large crowds on Fridays. The people who mainly visit this eatery comprise of professionals belonging to the field of business.

e. Jimmy Boy:

Situated in close proximity to the “Hornimann Circle” is an Irani restaurant known as Jimmy Boy. This restaurant is known for Parsi delicacies such as Patra Fish Pomfret, Salli Boti, Farcha, and Puffs. In terms of desserts, the bluberry pie and mava cake are extremely popular. Furthermore, this restaurant attracts a large number of people especially during the weekends.

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