‘Thirst’ is the literal translation of Trishna, a popular seafood eatery in South Mumbai. It is located in the Fort area in close proximity to the Kala Ghoda area. Furthermore, the cuisine provided over here is cooked using typical South Indian style.

a. About Trishna:

‘Seafood’ is the cuisine this eatery known as Trishna is popular for. It was originally named ‘Matrebhoomi’ but was renamed to ‘Trishna’ after it was renovated in April 1991. Such is the popularity of fish delicacies at this restaurant that, about 80% of the customers prefer it.

b. The ‘food and drinks’ served and ‘ambiance’ surrounding Trishna:

‘Manglorean style seafood’ is what is mainly served up at Trishna.  The menu mainly includes delicacies of fish such as crab, prawn, and pomfret. In addition, a few items such as biryani and noodles are also part of menu. A few popular delicacies include Butter Garlic Crab, Jumbo Prawns, Squid Koliwada, Neer Dosa, Hyderabadi Pomfret, Dal Hyderabad, Medium Prawn Koliwada, and King Crab. In terms of ambiance, this restaurant is extremely ‘cozy’ and ideally suits a family.

c. The ‘cost’ of food and beverage at Trishna:

The cost of meal for two at Trishna is priced at about Rs 2200.

It is then a comfy ambiance and delicious Manglorean seafood served over here which makes Trishna, an eatery in Mumbai worth visiting.

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